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The Benefits of Regular Detailing

We would like to welcome our friend, Joe Seals, with SoCal Mobile Auto Detail, who will be making occasional guest posts on our blog. He has been detailing for many years, and brings a great level of experience and knowledge to pass onto our customers. We look forward to seeing what he has for us in the future. If you know anyone in the San Diego area, please tell them about SoCal Detailing.

Don’t wait until your car is in desperate need of a wash before you decide to have it detailed. The best way to protect the investment you made in a new car is to have it taken care of by a professional detailer regularly. Though most new cars come equipped with a protective finish to guard them from the elements, by no means is this a permanent solution. To ensure that your car’s protective finish is doing what it should, get in the habit of getting your car washed and waxed as soon as possible after you buy it.

UV rays from the sun, acid rain, and road salt slowly chip away at your car’s protective layer overtime. And while most people wait until they actually see the damage being done to their vehicle to get it detailed, it’s much harder for a detailer to restore your vehicle to its original condition than it is for them to keep it looking brand-new. Once the damage has begun, it’s like a run-away train: hard to stop and almost impossible to reverse.

Plus, if you take care of the outside of your car with regular washes and waxes and keep the interior looking great as well, when you go to trade it in a few years down the road, it’s going to be worth a lot more to a dealership. Dealerships love to see that cars have been taken care of because they’re worth more money to their customers, and if salesmen know they can get more money for your car, they’re going to be more eager to buy it. Though it may cost you a few dollars every month to have someone wash your car, it’ll be well worth it in the long run.

If you’re like me and the thought of adding one more thing to your monthly to-do list sounds like an awful idea, know that with services like the ones provided by On The Spot Mobile Detailing, getting your car detailed just might be the easiest thing on your calendar. Make one phone call to set up a repeating appointment and “On the Spot” will come to your home or work every month or as frequently as you’d like. They’ll grab your keys, wash your car, and be on their way. Don’t wait until your car’s appearance is beyond repair; ensure that your investment is protected by choosing to have your car detailed regularly.

This guest post was written by Joe Seals on behalf of SoCal Mobile Auto Detail & Wash & Alderson BMW.

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