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Should I wash my car in the winter?

While the salt and other ice melts used to keep your tires on the road are great for keeping you safe, these products kick up off the road and can do damage to your paint, windshield, and wheels. It is highly recommend washing these contaminants off your vehicle as soon as possible.

It is important that before you take a bucket and mitt to your vehicle, a proper rinse is done before hand. Otherwise, you may end up causes damage by sliding dirt and ice melt along your paint with you wash mitt. We also advise to wash the top of your vehicle first and then the bottom foot to foot and a half last. Re-dip your mitt into the wash bucket after each panel and don’t let the water dry onto your vehicle. Not every day in the winter is suited for outside car washing. It is highly recommended if your are close to, or below freezing temperatures you bring your vehicle to a professional for cleaning..

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