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Mobile Tech Expo 2012

This past weekend I attended my first Mobile Tech Expo in Kissimmee, Florida. While everyone here in Baltimore was dealing with snow and ice, I was at the pool in the 80 degree Florida sun. Not to rub it in, but I thought you should know.

The Mobile Tech Expo is an annual conference held for those of us in the automotive reconditioning industry. It featured a vast array of manufacturers and suppliers of all aspects of the automotive reconditioning world. Detailing, PDR (Paintless Dent Repair), Cloth / Leather Repair, and Paint repair were all represented.

The first day, Wednesday, or Education Day as they called it, was packed full of different seminars and classes that could be attended. There were actually so many classes that I was not able to attend all of the ones that interested me because they were running at the similar times. From 8am until 4pm I attended 10 different seminars and workshops dealing with various aspects of the automotive reconditioning world.

They ranged from employee management to advanced detailing techniques to the implementation of additional services. While quite a few of the classes did not pertain to my portion of this industry, overall I found them quite interesting and worth my time.

The class I enjoyed the most was, “Isolated Scratch and Defect Removal” given by Mike Phillips from AutoGeek. He was a great presenter, and I learned a few new tricks. I even purchased a new tool from them because of it at the expo.

The second and third day was the actual Expo itself. It was set up in the conference hall inside of the hotel we were all staying in. There were dozens of vendors spread out across the hall. I spent most of the day walking from booth to booth speaking with representatives of different companies learning about their services and products. The vast majority of these booths dealt with PDR and not the part of this industry I was interested in, Detailing.

I found only a few that could benefit me directly. AutoGeek.net, Buff and Shine, 3M, and Auto Vaccine all had booths that I spent extra time at, learning about their products and how they could benefit On The Spot. I took some samples of the Auto Vaccine, which I am eager to try. It is advertised as a revolutionary new way to remove odors such as smoke or mold from vehicles more effectively. I will be trying it on the next vehicle we have with an odor to see just how effective it really is.

Overall I enjoyed my time at the Expo. I came home with a few new ideas and tools to incorporate into my company. Also, I met new people and did some networking with other detailers and suppliers across the country. I will be attending again, and recommend those that are new to the auto detailing industry do too. The information and contacts you gain could be invaluable to help your company succeed..

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