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Satin Dressing

Choosing the Right Tire Dressing

When it comes to tire dressings there are basically three options. Your high gloss look. The satin finish, or the matte finish. A recent poll by our friends at Detailing World asked the question, which is best? By a 6% margin, the satin finish won the day and matte came in last place with only… Read the full story

Should I wash my car in the winter?

While the salt and other ice melts used to keep your tires on the road are great for keeping you safe, these products kick up off the road and can do damage to your paint, windshield, and wheels. It is highly recommend washing these contaminants off your vehicle as soon as possible. It is important… Read the full story

Engine Detailing by On The Spot Mobile Detailing

Is engine detailing all for show?

There is no doubt that a clean and properly detailed engine looks great. The black plastics boxes and covers look brand new. The metal pipes shine with a mirror reflective and the engine block is grease free. It looks better than when you drove it off the lot. But is all that shine just about… Read the full story

Auto Upholstery Cleaning by On The Spot Before and After

What’s In Your Drivers Seat?

  The disgusting truth is, in the drivers seat of your vehicle lays a little bit of everything you have ever touched, sat on, and anything your legs or pants have come in contact with at any point of the day before getting behind the wheel. A driver’s seat like all seats in your vehicle,… Read the full story



It is important to use quality car wash and car wax products for your vehicle.  But, it’s just as important that you select the right products to remove the dirt and abrasives and apply the wax too.  Using low quality or dirty towels can be a major contributor to damaging your vehicle’s finish with fine… Read the full story


Washing – Choosing the best option

Keeping your vehicle looking good between details can be a challenge.  Bad weather, sun, and road grime, make it difficult to maintain the beauty of your recently detailed vehicle.  The single most important thing you can do during this period to keep your vehicle looking great is, giving your vehicle a “car wash”.  Although your vehicle was polished and… Read the full story

Winter 1

Winter Do’s and Don’ts

In Maryland, our winters can be serious. Snow falls of several inches to several feet, ice, and salt are common problems for your vehicle. People try a variety of techniques to deal with these problems, only sometimes they do more damage than good. We have compiled a list of Winter “Do’s and Don’ts” to follow… Read the full story


What is Detailing?

Finally, an explanation We are regularly asked, “What is detailing?.” It is a term they have heard before, but have never gotten a proper explanation of what it is, and what should be expected when receiving a detailing. Often, people think that Car “Wash” and Car “Detail” are synonyms, when in fact they are very… Read the full story