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Ambulance Detail

We were hired by MedTech to prepare a few ambulances for display at the EMS Today conference at the Baltimore Convention Center. EMS today is a gathering of EMS professionals from all over the country. They come together to participate in continuing education classes and to preview new advancements in supplies and technology. To learn… Read the full story

Flood 5

Flood Vehicles

This past fall when Maryland, and much of the northern East Coast was hit with record rain falls, over flowing rivers and lakes cost many people their vehicles and sometimes much more. There were areas, such as Ellicott City, that roads became rivers, and anything in its path was washed away or completely flooded with… Read the full story



This weekend we had the honor of being selected by Chevy to be to detailer of their display vehicles at the Army / Navy game at FedEx Field just outside Washington D.C. Chevrolet was an official sponsor of the 112th Army / Navy game and had 9 vehicles positioned around the stadium. 7 of these… Read the full story