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Ambulance Detail

We were hired by MedTech to prepare a few ambulances for display at the EMS Today conference at the Baltimore Convention Center. EMS today is a gathering of EMS professionals from all over the country. They come together to participate in continuing education classes and to preview new advancements in supplies and technology. To learn more about EMS Today, please visit their website www.EMSToday.com.

These ambulances were being displayed inside the Convention Center by MedTech in their display booth. They were being used as examples of the manufacturing capabilities of MedTech. Since the vehicles can cost more than $250k a piece, it was our job to make sure that they looked the part. Our goal was to make it seem like they had just rolled off the assembly line and into the booth at the Convention Center.

The most unique part of detailing an ambulance is the complexity of the rear box of the vehicle. There are many outlets, doors, lettering, and lights that must be navigated around. The ambulances were not very old, only having a few thousand miles on them, but they had been driven into Baltimore from all over the East Coast. The trip made them quite dirty and they were covered in tar, road grime, and lots of bugs from the highway driving.

All of the ambulances received an intensive wash from top to bottom. After they had been thoroughly washed and completely dried, we needed to assess the condition of the paint. These vehicles would be sitting inside under halogen lights that would show every flaw and imperfection, so getting it perfect was very important. Since they were fairly new, the paint was in great condition, it did not need much more than a good polishing. We polished and waxed the exterior to bring out the deepest shine possible. After the paint was finished, we focused on the on the rubber and vinyl on the exterior. It was dressed and wiped down to produce an original matte like finish. Once all of the metal was polished, and the windows were done, the exterior was finished.

These ambulances looked as great as they did on the day they pulled out of the factory. The customer was very happy, and we even made a few more contacts in the emergency vehicle world. We look forward to working with MedTech again next time they are in the area for an event..

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