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Mobile Tech 3

Mobile Tech Expo 2012

This past weekend I attended my first Mobile Tech Expo in Kissimmee, Florida. While everyone here in Baltimore was dealing with snow and ice, I was at the pool in the 80 degree Florida sun. Not to rub it in, but I thought you should know. The Mobile Tech Expo is an annual conference held… Read the full story

Winter 1

Winter Do’s and Don’ts

In Maryland, our winters can be serious. Snow falls of several inches to several feet, ice, and salt are common problems for your vehicle. People try a variety of techniques to deal with these problems, only sometimes they do more damage than good. We have compiled a list of Winter “Do’s and Don’ts” to follow… Read the full story

2011, a look back

We would like to start by saying thank you to everyone who helped make 2011 another record year at On The Spot. Without the customers who used our services and recommended us to their friends, and the detailing technicians who worked hard to make sure that every vehicle was left meticulously clean, On The Spot… Read the full story


What is Detailing?

Finally, an explanation We are regularly asked, “What is detailing?.” It is a term they have heard before, but have never gotten a proper explanation of what it is, and what should be expected when receiving a detailing. Often, people think that Car “Wash” and Car “Detail” are synonyms, when in fact they are very… Read the full story



This weekend we had the honor of being selected by Chevy to be to detailer of their display vehicles at the Army / Navy game at FedEx Field just outside Washington D.C. Chevrolet was an official sponsor of the 112th Army / Navy game and had 9 vehicles positioned around the stadium. 7 of these… Read the full story